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National Geographic Software packages!

TOPO! State Series

New Version! Released Feb 2006

Seamless statewide topographic map coverage.  CD's available for each state.  Add your own routes, symbols, notes web links and photos.  Create elevation profiles.  Upload/Download GPS waypoints.

NEW!  PC and Mac compatible

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National Geographic TOPO! Streets & 3-D Views

Expansion Pack

Not required with new version.


We are please to introduce the TOPO! Expansion Pack which adds these exciting new features to your TOPO! State Series Product.  The Expansion Pack Gives you:

  • 3-D Viewing and Fly-thrus

  • Updates streets at the 1:24,000 level

  • Live Map Update service to keep your quads and streets up-to-date.

This product is sold separately from the TOPO! State Series.


Requires TOPO! State Series, PC Only

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National Geographic Topo! Streets & 3-D Views Expansion Pack

Pocket TOPO!

Pocket Topo!

Take TOPO! With You Wherever You Go

Pocket TOPO! is an extension of the TOPO! State Series software that enables you to export maps to your PDA and to take advantage of all the TOPO! features when you are away from your computer. Add notes, symbols and routes to Pocket TOPO! and they will transfer to your PC the next time you synchronize. (Note: Pocket TOPO! is specifically designed for use with a TOPO! State Series product and is compatible with PC version only).  

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The software of choice for those who want an easy-to-use GPS waypoint manager and trip planning tool without all of the detailed maps included in the TOPO! State Series and Back Roads Explorer software. GPS USA includes three levels of overview atlas-level maps for the entire U.S.

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National Geographic GPS USA

National Geographic TOPO! Multi-Layer Extension for ArcGIS

TOPO! for ArcGIS

Import seamless topographic base maps, hillshades, and DEMs into ArcGIS with one easy click - Conveniently imported in a single layer or theme.

This extension uses the TOPO! State Series CDs (sold separately)

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TOPO! Xport Pro

Export USGS topographic map data for use in any spatially enabled software including AutoCAD, ArcGIS, ArcView, Microstation, and Integraph. Export file formats include GeoTIFF, TIFF, and JPEG with world headers in either the ESRI .TFW format or MapInfo .TAB format. Raster maps are exported from TOPO! referenced to latitude/longitude in the Nad83/WGS84 map datum.

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National Geographic Topo! Xport Pro

National Geographic TrailSmart CD-ROM / Complete National Parks of the USA

TrailSmart National Parks

Interactive map coverage of US national parks.  Each set features Trail Illustrated topographic maps.

Add your own routes and symbols, create elevation profiles, upload/download GPS data and more.

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Back Roads Explorer

Take the road less traveled, with nationwide, customizable topographic maps and up-to-date roads and highways.  Seamless coverage of the entire US with 1:100,000 scale topographic maps and 2003 road data.

Now Mac and PC Compatible

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National Geographic's Back Roads Explorer

National Geographic Adventure Paper

Adventure Paper

Waterproof. tear-resistant printing material.  Perfect for printing custom maps created with TOPO! software.


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