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National Geographic TOPO! State Series

All Titles only $69.95



Create seamless, customized, photo-quality maps...


National Geographic TOPO! interactive mapping software enables you to create your own seamless, customized topographic maps. Easy-to-use tools allow you to draw routes, calculate elevation profiles, add your own notes to the maps, and more.


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Only $69.95 per state or state bundle

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OS Compatibility:

Windows: 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista NT 4.0 and higher


OS 10.2 or better


State Series Features

National Geographic's newest seamless topographic map software. Covers an entire state or group of states. Includes all Features listed here for only $69.95 per state or state bundle

� Zoom through different USGS map series that show increasing levels of detail.

� Add your own custom text, symbols, and routes to the maps.

� Select the exact area you need and print a custom, photo-quality map on any ink-jet, laser printer, or plotter

� Draw a freehand route and TOPO! displays its distance, generates an elevation profile and prepares it for uploading to a GPS.

� Share custom map overlays with other users via the internet and e-mail.

� Download free datasets and updates at

Own Thousands of Maps for One Low Price

� National Geographic TOPO! provides scanned versions of the actual paper 1:24,000 scale USGS topographic maps.  Produced to the National Map Accuracy Standards, they are the most detailed maps available for outdoor enthusiast, hobbyist, and professionals.

� Enhanced 3D digital shading emphasizes changes in elevation, making the maps more readable.  Shading intensity can be adjusted for personal preference or toggled off for viewing the original USGS topographic map.

� Precise georeferencing ensures pixel-level accuracy for GPS and vector data overlay.

� True-color imaging uses millions of colors to optimize maps for viewing and printing.

� High resolution 30-meter digital elevation data provides the best elevation profiling.

Output Maps in the Format You Need

� Select the exact area you want to print even if it is larger than the screen or covers multiple USGS topographic maps.

� Add map border information to printouts, including UTM (Universal Trans Mercator) or latitude/longitude grids, scale bars, north arrows, and magnetic declination.

� Toggle between NAD 27 (North American Datum of 1927) and WGS 84 (World Geodetic System of 1984) datums in UTM or latitude/longitude.

� Export customized maps in a number of different raster file formats for use in other applications.

� Transfer your custom information directly to or from any leading GPS receiver using National Geographic TOPO!'s GPS wizard, included. (GPS compatibility list)

Use the Best Topographic Map Software

� Award-winning TOPO! mapping software provides a complete set of powerful, easy-to-use features.

� Navigate maps with ease and scroll seamlessly from map to map without borders.

� Access thousands of preloaded GPS waypoints (every labeled feature from each USGS topographic map) with National Geographic TOPO!'s Place Finder.

� Import GPS and vector data from a variety of sources, including GPS receivers, spreadsheets, and the web, to overlay on the maps.

� Use your PC to create and store thousands of waypoints, routes and tracks.  Built-in database lets you organize and sort all of your information.

� Right click on the level 5 map to see quad name, date, and contour interval

Want to use the State Series with your Palm or Pocket PC?

Get the Pocket TOPO! extension to add the ability to sync the TOPO! State Series with Palm and Pocket PC handheld units. Learn more >>

Optional ArcGIS TOPO! Extension

Import TOPO! State Series base map data into your ArcGIS project with the additional purchase of the TOPO! Extension for ArcGIS. Learn more >>



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