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National Geographic Topo! Streets & 3-D Views

Expansion Pack

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What is the TOPO! Streets and 3D Views Expansion Pack?

The TOPO! expansion pack is a must have software product for anyone interested in having the very best topographic maps available Simple, easy to use, application. Works with all 50 states.

What does the TOPO! Streets and 3D Views Expansion Pack do?

The TOPO! Expansion pack allows any state series user to:

  • Better understand the terrain before heading out by viewing the maps in a 3-D perspective
  • Improve users ability to understand where they are and where they are going by updating maps with 2004 Streets and Roads
  • Insures that users have the latest quad maps, functionality and information from National Geographic via the live update feature
  • Use TOPO! with the latest GPS receivers by providing support for USB cables

The TOPO! Streets and 3D Views Expansion Pack distinguishes TOPO! from our competitors because:

  • Only topographic map software to offer 3-D fly through mode.
  • Draw your route on the map and TOPO! creates a movie showing you what your hike is going to look like
  • Only topographic map software to combine up-to-date streets and roads with actual topographic maps. Other products have inferior road database with less streets, roads and highway information combined with inferior topographic maps that do not have all the information of an actual USGS map.
  • TOPO! is the easiest to use map software. Expansion pack gives users the advanced functionality they want while maintaining TOPO!'s award winning ease of use

Who should buy the expansion pack?

  • Anyone who is interested in having the very best topographic map available.
    The combination of up-to-date streets and roads with the latest actual USGS quads results in a fundamentally better map experience.
  • Excellent add on sale for new customers who want a TOPO! state series product plus the functionality of the expansion pack.
  • Perfect for existing state series customers who want to add 3-D, updated streets, and quad maps.

3-D Views and Fly-Thru
Look down the valley, or stand on top of a mountain and "look" around to see the views.

TOPO!'s 3-D Viewer and Animated Fly-Thru enable you to fly along the trail you've drawn as it winds and climbs to your destination. You can even stop anywhere along the trail and zoom and pan to see the view. Resizable split screens make it easy to expand any screen for better viewing.

Updated Streets & Roads
With TOPO! Streets & 3-D Views you can easily lay an updated road network on
the 1:24,000 and 1:100,00 scale USGS TOPO! maps. From superhighways to forest roads, TOPO! Streets & 3-D Views gives you the confidence to find your destination in any of the 50 states.

GPS USB Support
TOPO! Streets & 3-D Views has the latest connectivity built-in to enable you to use your TOPO! software with the newest GPS receivers.

Live Map Updates
Get the latest USGS quad maps and updated roads for any of the TOPO! state products.

Live Map Update automatically searches your defined area to see if something new is available, and gives you the tools to quickly download new information to replace older quads and roads.

TOPO! Expansion Pack is not Macintosh compatible and requires a TOPO! State product to function.

WINDOWS System Requirements
Windows 98, 2000, ME, & XP; DirectX version 9 (included);
8MB+ video card that is DirectX 9 compatible is required for 3D views.
Supported GPS Receivers
Works with most popular handheld receivers manufactured by Garmin, Eagle, Lowrance, and Magellan. Requires a serial or USB cable (sold separately).

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