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Weatherproof Paper

Weatherproof Synthetic Paper
Both sides Inkjet and Laser Printable
Excellent for Extreme Outdoor, Marine, and Field Use

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Weatherproof Paper is excellent for extreme outdoor, marine and field use. It is even possible to write on Weatherproof Paper underwater with a standard ink pen (gas charged write-anywhere pens do best underwater.) It is not possible to write on this Weatherproof Paper with a pencil.


  • Puncture resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Professional Print Quality
  • Printable & Waterproof on Both Sides
  • Inkjet printable
  • Laser printable 
  • Foldable
  • Glueable
  • Easily Embossed
  • Can be laminated
  • Annotate with ink, felt tip or highlighter pens.
  • Use in most copiers


50 sheets of 8?" x 11"


Add 8.5" x 11" Waterproof paper to your cart!

50 sheets of 11" x 17" 


Add 11" x 17" Waterproof paper to your cart!

50 sheets of 13" x 19"


Add 13" x 19" Waterproof paper to your cart!

20 sheets of 24" x 30" 


Add 24" x 30" Waterproof paper to your cart!

Single sheets of 42" x 65"


Add 42" x 65" Waterproof paper to your cart!

Technical Specifications

State of the art single layer, synthetic printing substrate. Puncture and tear resistant

Excellent ink absorption.
Can be folded, glued, embossed and laminated

Optical Properties: Whiteness 85.3%; Yellowness 3.7%

Thickness: 0.010"

Dimensionally stable:
<1% shrinkage when exposed to 250�F dry heat

<1% shrinkage when immersed in boiling water for 10 minutes

Temperature Ranges:
Melting Point: 275?F / 135?C
Freezing Point: -4?F / -20?C



Weatherproof Paper FAQ 1. What weight is the paper? The paper is comparable to 24# bond.

2. Are colors available? No, only white is available.

3. Is one side better than the other? No, in fact we can not tell one side from the other.

4. Can you mark on the paper with highlight pens? Yes, whiteboard pens, felt tip pens, ball point pens, gas charged write-anywhere pens, inexpensive pens and expensive pens all work well. (Gas charged write anywhere pens work best underwater.) But be warned almost any ink will be indelible on this synthetic paper.

5. Is the paper UV resistant? The paper is UV resistant, and toner based printing will likely be very UV resistant. Ink jet printing typically is not UV resistant and will fade normally in sunshine. Black ink lasts the longest, yellow ink has the shortest life.

6. Is rolled stock available? Not currently. If you have a need for rolls, please let us know what size you are interested in, if it becomes available we will call you.

7. How tear resistant is WP Paper? It tears more easily along the 'grain'. It is difficult to get started, but once a tear begins, the paper will rip easily. If you are concerned about ripping the paper, please call us and request some sample sheets.




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